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I've created this wiki to keep track of useful HTML5 resources/references to complement my video+booklet tutorial: HTML5 NOW - A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial For Getting Started Today



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Updates that have been made to the HTML5 specification since HTML5 Now was published.


HTML5 support pages for browsers


Sites with major conversions to HTML5 and testimonials


Helper Scripts

No browser "fully" supports HTML5 yet. However, web developers have written scripts that either detect HTML5 support, or emulate many features of HTML5.



Be sure that any time you use javascript to enhance presentation or make some CSS work, that your pages still work well with javascript turned off.



Sites that collect HTML5 examples



Browser Comparison Sites And Tests

Sites that test and/or show HTML5 support across browsers - varying quality and datedness. Be sure to double-check the tests for yourself to make sure they're valid.





More Web Development Resources


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