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Questions about HTML5


Do you have questions about HTML5? Ask away!


  1. How do you stylize built-in multimedia controllers with html5 and css?
  2. When creating forms and using the input field, which browsers support placeholder text and when it does not display, what is the alternative for making sure it will display across all browsers?
  3. Does HTML5 fix everything that you thought was wrong with HTML4? ie: nesting forms, etc.
  4. How can HTML5 help me addrres the growing and ever changing number of browsers
  5. What are some of the new html5 form attributes and how do they change the way a user's experience when filling them out?
  6. Have any new advancements been growing within the canvas element?  Do you really think it will replace Flash?
  7. What are some new examples of the Canvas element? I heard you can draw with it, how does that work?
  8. When will all browsers support html5?
  9. How does html5 storage help protect our privacy?
  10. Does CSS/HTML5 has any new features to style more dynamic content from jquery and javascript
  11. Why is the web world completely obsessed with html5?
  12. How does HTML5 impact search engine results? Does it improve it?
  13. Does using the article / section element improve accessibility?
  14. What accessibility improvements are offered by html5?
  15. What part of html5 do you view as the most 'contentious' ?
  16. What would you like to see in html 6?
  17. Is there a part of html5 that you would like to remove?
  18. What's the best practice for gracefully degrading from HTML 5 / CSS 3 to a lesser version?
  19. Regarding questions, would be interested in a brief discussion of best practice for using the new <article> and <hgroup> tags (i.e. - when to use <article> versus <div>, etc.)
  20. Is there a way that the placeholder attribute will show up with cross browser support / compatibility? 

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